High Flyers Gymnastics
Los Alamos Junior Olympic Training & Fun Center
      1900 Diamond Drive - Los Alamos NM
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Our History

A fresh approach to gymnastics in Los Alamos

Established in 2009, High Flyers Gymnastics is a non-profit organization created to provide fun, high-quality gymnastics educational opportunities to children of all ages and abilities in a safe, positive environment.

High Flyers Gymnastics was created by a group of Los Alamos gymnastics professionals, parents and enthusiasts with the vision to provide a fun, non-competitive gymnastics experience for all children based on encouragement and progressive skill development. We understand that every child is unique. We strive to provide individual attention to help each child feel successful and be inspired to reach their goals both in gymnastics and beyond.


Our Philosophy
Total child development; mental, emotional and physical
We believe gymnastics benefits children through a number of valuable ways and builds a foundation for lifelong physical fitness and health. Through providing a superior program focused on safety, quality instruction and progressive learning, we hope to promote and enhance youth athletic opportunity in Los Alamos through gymnastics and to serve the ongoing needs of the community.

Our Staff


Devoted to creating a positive experience for every child 

Our instructors are highly qualified, gymnastics enthusiasts with a variety of gymnastic and childhood teaching experience. Our instructional team is comprised of adult gymnastics professionals including coaches, judges and former competitive gymnasts.
High Flyers is committed to providing professionally supervised safe, fun classes with quality curriculum for all students. To ensure students receive a consistent, positive experience, High Flyers provides regular, ongoing training and certification opportunities for all instructors and assistants.   

Our Facilities

1900 Diamond Drive - Los Alamos, NM

High Flyers Gymnastics is located in Los Alamos, NM at 1900 Diamond Drive, in the Pueblo Complex. Our newly-expanded full-time facility is open 6 days a week; Monday through Saturday. We offer a combination of Junior Olympic regulation equipment, regulation matting and junior-sized equipment. We have a selection of vaulting spring boards and mini-tramps and a fully-padded floor exercise area; beams, rings, bars and a climbing rope are permanently mounted.  We provide a small spectator area with free WiFi and children's toys. The desk is manned only during class times, but our telephone is answered during regular business hours.

Future Plans

Expand and Grow

For the first two years of our classes, High Flyers Gymnastics operated from the Los Alamos YMCA. In September 2011, we moved to our current location which allowed us to expand hours and classes. Our ultimate goal is to eventually grow into a large, permanent facility which would accommodate more equipment, students and classes. We are seeking investors to help achieve this goal. Contact our director at director@lahighflyers.com if you would like to discuss methods of donating, purchasing equipment, or investing in our program. You can also donate to High Flyers Gymnastics through the Los Alamos United Way. All donations are tax deductible; we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.