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Gymnastics for All
This program, also referred to as Group Gymnastics, is recognized by USA Gymnastics and provides opportunities and activities for all ages and levels of abilities. In this fun class, students work together in a group setting to learn basic gymnastics skills, body positions, movement and group choreography.
Gymnastics for all is the most popular gymnastics program worldwide. Part drill team, part dance, part gymnastics; activities contribute to the development of strength and flexibility, partner skills, team-building and general sport skills, fitness and movement patterns. Depending on student interest, there may be performance opportunities.
Gymnastics for all is open to all ages: child through adult. Parent/child participants are encouraged. No prerequisite is required, but kids with no previous gymnastics experience are expected to simultaneously attend recreational classes.
Cost is $65 per month, or $85 per month for parent/child teams. With only one hour weekly practice time, this is a great program for cheerleaders, dancers and former competitive gymnasts looking for a fun way to use their skills and perform.
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Schedule & Cost
  • 6:30 - 7:30 PM Wednesdays
  • $65 per month  
  • Fun for All Ages
  • Only offered through August 4th
  • Performance Opportunities