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Parent & Tot (formerly Mommy & Me)
This class lets toddlers participate in fun, active play with their parents. Junior-sized equipment is arranged in a pattern so your littlest athletes can swing, roll, crawl and climb in a safe environment, guided by an instructor and a parent. Activities provide opportunity for learning, body/self-awareness and separation from parents. This 45 minute class is designed for children aged 18 months through 4 years old. A parent or adult guardian is expected to participate with each child. Cost: $55 per month.

Fitness is Fun

You're never too young to exercise.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education says babies, toddlers and preschoolers need to spend up to two
hours every day in active pursuits.

Parents might assume their kids are meeting that goal, or even exceeding it. But researchers found that perception can be off, with parents failing to realize how much time their little ones spend in car seats, strollers, bouncy chairs, and playpens, or watching TV and playing video or computer games.
Parents and caregivers should try to
incorporate activity into everyday life. If you integrate it into a child now, it will become more natural later. Not only do parents have to encourage activity, they have to be active themselves.

What better way to set an example of lifetime fitness for your young children, than spending time with them in our padded, indoor facilities at our Mommy and Me classes?
At High Flyers, kids can run, play and stretch their developing muscles and minds all safely within reach of mom or dad. You'll both walk away with a smile.

Class Goals

  • Help children adopt a healthy attitude toward physical activity by providing fun and age-appropriate activities in a safe environment
  • Encourage children to explore their world and try new things in a nurturing, fun-filled setting
  • Improve physical strength and coordination and maintain natural flexibility in children
  • Encourage children to develop confidence in their bodies and experience social interaction
  • Help children to learn sequencing, numbers and patterns through games and obstacle courses
  • Create opportunity for parent-child bonding

Mental and Social Development

Physical exercise not only establishes good health patterns, but can make your baby
smarter, according to studies. Early movement is directly linked to higher learning and intelligence.

There is more than meets the eye going on with participation in gymnastics at a young age. Brain growth for one! The vestibular mechanism is located in the ear canal.
This mechanism is responsible for balance. During gym class a myriad of opportunities exist for honing the skill of balance. When the vestibular mechanism of the brain is stimulated through gym class activities, it in turn stimulates other areas of the brain to grow, such as the ocular area of the brain. What an exciting outcome for being involved in a movement program at a young age!

An additional benefit of being involved in gymnastics at this young age is the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age. Sharing, following simple
directions and social skill development are all-important aspects of our program.

Key Class Highlights
> Recommended for boys and girls ages 1-4
> Fosters independence in a safe setting
> Activities are set up in obstacle course style

> Children gain strength, flexibility and self-control

> Focus is on fun, and positive interactions with others

> Music and parachute games

> Parent and Child participate together

> Active, safe indoor play

> A fun introduction to gymnastics

Schedule & Cost
  • 45 Min Class Fee: $55 per month
  • Parent & Child Participate Together
  • Active, safe, indoor play