High Flyers Gymnastics
The Fun Place for Gymnastics in Los Alamos

What Parents Say:

High Flyers offers small classes, so they get individual attention and get plenty of time on the equipment. They kids are having a blast and learning a lot!"
-K. Hammerling


Our daughter has flourished and looks forward to class every week. She loves her instructors. I can't say enough good things about the High Flyers!!
-Kristie Henson
"My son has autism. He doesn't do very well with team sports but has always wanted to participate in sports. We decided to give gymnastics a try. I heard so many good things about LA High Flyers and felt like it would be the right fit for him.

The instructors were so patient and very fun with him. The tumbling, rolling, jumping, and balance were the best therapy for him. My son was able to discontinue physical therapy at school because gymnastics has helped his physical development so much."
- Elise Nye
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Welcome to High Flyers Gymnastics!

         Where smiles are made

We believe learning and fun go hand in hand. Kids naturally run, jump and play to learn and develop healthy bodies and minds.

At High Flyers Gymnastics, we offer a safe, positive environment where kids can learn and grow while developing body control, confidence and self-esteem through the sport and artistry of gymnastics.


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Lock in your enrollment for summer - classes for all ages are now open.
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No classes on Monday, May 25 - Memorial Day
"Bring a friend" week is May 26-30.
Spring Session runs January 5 - May 31



Age appropriate classes for toddlers through teens

Classes are designed with age appropriate activities and goals. Suggested age guidelines give parents a choice of classes based on their child's development and needs. Coed, half-hour classes are offered for the youngest students, with longer class times for older children. All class curriculum focuses on the development of a progressive set of skills, based on USA Gymnastics-approved guidelines. Instructors provide fun activities and drills designed to help students gain confidence, strength and flexibility while maintaining safe and proper technique.


For ages 1 through 5

These classes are designed for toddlers through kindergarten age children. Mommy & Me classes let toddlers and preschool children swing, roll, crawl, and climb in a safe environment, guided by an instructor and a parent. Preschool classes, designed for independent children ages 3 through 5 who separate easily from parents, encourage development of listening and group skills, body awareness, coordination and self-confidence. Classes for this age group are 45 minutes in length and are offered Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings and somel afternoons. More on...


Coed classes for 4 to 7 year olds

This 45 minute coed class is perfect for pre-kindergarten through first grade children working to develop core gymnastics skills and strength in a fun, high-energy environment. Class focus is on student understanding and development of proper body positions and basis skills, including rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Group skills and positive interaction with others is emphasized. Our most popular class, KinderGym is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, and Saturday Mornings. More on...

School Age Programs

Separate Girls and Boys classes for ages 6+

Designed for school-aged girls and boys ages 6 and up, our recreational classes focus on gymnastics fundamentals presented in a positive, encouraging environment. One hour classes focus on mastery of basic, gymnastics skills and include tumbling, vaulting, bars, beam, and boy's events.
Classes are broken into skill levels. Our team program provides additional gym time and training for girls interested in pursuing competitive gymnastics.
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Special Interest Classes

Something for Everyone - All Ages

These fun fitness classes offer something for everyone. Our Yoga for Kids program helps boys and girls 5 and older develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination through traditional and kid-friendly yoga stretches. In Gymnastics for All, students of all ages work together in a group setting to learn basic gymnastics skills, movement and group choreography. Special-interest group training for cheerleaders, other athletic groups, and adults is also offered on a contract basis. Special interest classes include:
Rhythmic Gymnastics     Adult Gymnastics      Cheer Tumbling     Special Groups